Martin D18 Acoustic Guitar

Martin D18 has gained recognition and popularity as one of the exemplary acoustic guitars of this age. The dreadnought series are one of the most liked series among the Martin & Co guitars. Martin D18 acoustic guitar is beautiful, user friendly and long lasting. Martin D18 dreadnought acoustic guitar has a well balanced tone due its solid Sitka spruce top; this is one of its essential features as the tones go through a balanced transition of sound. This specific feature makes the music audible, clear, crisp and smooth. Martin D18 Guitar featuresMartin D18 acoustic guitar has been used by celebrities such as Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Paul Simon and many more. This dreadnought acoustic guitar is suitable for studio music. Its clarity makes it suitable for studio recording and usage. Names like Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley are well known in the music industry, if they have used this guitar you can understand its legendary position among guitars. The wood used in Martin D18 ensures …

Electro Voice Speakers and Microphones

Electro Voice Speakers and Microphones for musiciansElectro Voice is one of the leading audio equipment manufactures in America. Electro Voice popularity is not limited to America as they professional audio sounds have captured several audiences and musicians in different parts of the world. Electro Voice sends out their audio equipments to some other countries overseas as well.
Electro Voice has been in the audio world of designing and engineering for more than 85 years, they aim at giving quality musical equipments to musicians. So, if you are a musician and if you’re looking out to impress your audience with professional sound experience do not miss out on the electro voice speakers and electro voice microphones. Because their sound quality and audience reviews assures to be splendid for devout music heads. Why to buy Electro Voice Products?Electro Voice is known for exceeding musician’s expectations, as the Electro voice team are passionate about the science of sound they give their…

Fender Mustang GT 200 amplifiers - Unbiased detailed review

Fender Mustang GT 200
Fender Mustang GT 200 amplifiers are exemplary digital amplifiers. Fender’s creations are treated as innovative gifts to the music world. The legendary Fender brand urges for excellence in all their creations and they did so with this wonderful digital amplifier as well.
Fender Mustang GT 200 is a musical treat for guitarist. Technology and artist collaborate together to give us a pleasurable experience of music, one such example is the Fender Mustang GT 200. It has several tones to play; artist can play different genres of music using this wonderful digital amplifier, which can lead to creation of enchanting music.

Review – Fender Mustang GT 200
Fender Mustang GT 200 has the capacity to play different tones; this gives the guitarist a wide range of options. Artist can play old classical tunes, new electric sounds or they can create new interesting music by using this tech savvy amplifier.

Fender Mustang GT 200 has presets of various artists, this will give you the ab…

The flagship NS7III controller is a premier four-deck controller for Serato DJ

The flagship NS7III controller is a premier four-deck controller for Serato DJ. Featuring three high-resolution color screens with a stackable waveform display and an interactive control surface, the NS7III forges a kinetic no, make that radioactive connection between the audience and your music.

The NS7III is the ONLY motorized controller on the market today that gives the dedicated turntablist a true and authentic mixing and spinning experience. With an exclusive 3 full color LCD screens, it allows you to focus 100 percent of you attention on your mix, your controller, your audience, and your craft.
Here is NS7III's some of features which make more amazing.
Includes Prime Loops Remix Tool Kit and TOOLROOM Artist Packs Jumpstart your inspiration with 6 sample packs from Prime Loops including over 380 premium instrumental loops, drum kits, one-shots, and more. A $200 value. Remix with the sounds of the world's premier electronic music label. Mixtrack Pro 3 gives you exclusive acc…

Fender Announces New GT Mustang Amps and Footswitch

AMS is excited to announce the arrival of Fender's new Mustang GT line of amplifiers! With features that include amp modeling, Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming and iOS or Android device preset control, plus a groundbreaking first - intelligent Wi-Fi connection capability, Fender has pulled out all of the stops with this exciting new series! There are three models, the GT40, GT100, and GT200 at 40, 100, and 200-watts respectively, which means Fender has taken the needs of every type of guitar player into consideration. Each of these Fender Mustang GT amps include built-in amp models and effects- you can re-create some of the most iconic amp tones or customize your own! Connect Mustang GT to Wi-Fi and share presets with a worldwide community of guitarists, enjoy the personalized Mustang GT sounds of Fender sponsored artists, and stay connected with the latest updates. Packed to the brim with guitar tone tools, with these new Fender Mustang amps in your guitar rig, the tona…